Pho District: The True Taste of Vietnam – Loc and Neville

Pho District: The True Taste of Vietnam – Loc and Neville

Loc and Neville

Two enterprising young cousins are bringing the delicious, healthy cuisine of their homeland to Hammersmith

King Street regulars may have noticed that the former VietAce restaurant has reincarnated as Pho District. Stylishly redecorated, the name change is the culmination of much hard work by the engaging entrepreneurs who co-own the Vietnamese restaurant.

Loc and Neville acquired the business two years ago. Since then, they have been gradually putting their stamp on the operation. Loc has a proven track record in hospitality – he used to work for the Vietnamese Kitchen chain – while his cousin Neville handles front of house affairs.

Talking to them, it is instantly apparent that they share a passion for their homeland’s cuisine. ‘Our food is elegant, light and very healthy,’ explains Loc. ‘We want customers to experience authentic Vietnamese food and that’s why we source the finest, freshest ingredients. We’ve also reduced the number of dishes we serve to ensure everything is the best quality.’

The cousins have taken great care over the menu. ‘We’ve travelled all around Vietnam looking for regional specialities,’ says Loc. ‘We then made the final choice of dishes with Duong Doan, our Head Chef. I knew him from the Vietnamese Kitchen and when I heard he wanted a new challenge, we jumped at the chance to work with him.’ For those not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, what signature dishes would they recommend?. ‘For a main, I’d suggest Bun Mam,’ says Loc. ‘It’s a mixture of steamed rice vermicelli noodle, shredded iceberg, herbs and meat (beef, chicken, prawns, tofu or grilled pork) with a kick of lemongrass. And for dessert, try Che Sen, a sweet pudding with mung beans and lotus seeds – it’s a traditional cure for insomnia.’

If enthusiasm counts, this culinary venture will be a success. Loc and Neville are keen to become part of the W6 neighbourhood and their lunch menu is already proving popular with employees at the council offices. Also, always a good sign, London’s Vietnamese community regularly travel to Hammersmith to eat at Pho District. You can’t get higher praise than that!

Pho District
216 King Street, W6 0RA

Hammersmith W6 Vietnamese Restaurant-Pho District

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