Pure Smiles: A Practice Built On Excellence And Innovation

Pure Smiles: A Practice Built On Excellence And Innovation

Shiraz (left) and Ayzaaz (right)

‘If you’re in the market for a new dentist, trust me when I say: you would be lucky to work with such a wonderful practice of people.’ – Laura Bennett

Dr Ayzaaz and Dr Shiraz Akram joined professional forces at the Pure Smiles family dental practice in Fulham in 2009 and, since then, they have forged close relationships with generations of local families, counting many as friends.

In that time, the brothers have developed their own innovative philosophy, one conceived to deliver the best possible outcome for every patient. ‘We like to describe our approach as holistic,’ explains Shiraz. ‘That’s become a rather vague umbrella term, but for us it is precise. ‘Fundamentally, it means that we never treat the teeth and mouth in isolation from the rest of the body; they are intimately connected and so, in effect, we are looking at the “whole” person.

‘We spend 45 minutes with every new patient just listening to their story, and often discovering symptoms not usually associated with teeth. Recently, I saw a lady who suffered from persistent chronic headaches and had spent five years doing the rounds of medical specialists. In fact, it was clear that she was grinding her teeth severely – and the problem was solved literally overnight.

‘Examining a mouth tells us so much about general health and wellbeing. It is a gateway for bacteria and it’s now been proven that many systemic diseases relate to poor oral hygiene: for example, gum disease is linked to dementia, cardiovascular issues and Parkinson’s.’

When it comes to devising treatments and the overall patient experience, Ayzaaz and Shiraz are always keen to learn about and, if beneficial, use the latest developments and techniques. For example, both have long been concerned about the toxicity of dental materials. ‘We haven’t done silver fillings with amalgam for 15 years,’ says Ayzaaz. ‘It contains mercury, so putting it in the mouth never seemed a good idea. Instead, we choose a safer composite material made of silicon particles with a bonding resin.’

Pure Smiles: A Practice Built On Excellence And Innovation

Keeping an open mind has seen Pure Smiles adopt a wide range of new ideas. These include the team dressing up as SuperHeroes on Children’s Days, having Kiki the popular therapy dog on-site to calm nervous patients, using hypnotherapy as an alternative to intravenous sedation, and working with a Myofunctional Trainer to teach the correct way to breathe and swallow.

‘That is particularly important for children,’ adds Shiraz. ‘The respiratory system is designed to function with the tongue to the roof of the mouth, the lips together and nasal breathing. ‘The more unfiltered air that enters, the more the chance of infection; the sooner children learn good habits, the less likelihood there is of needing orthodontic treatments in later years.’

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ayzaaz also teaches anxiety-controlling techniques. ‘I’ve just seen a patient who was highly anxious, both about dental work and in life. Firstly, we met for a trial hypnotherapy session and found a tool that calmed her, and during her next visit she spent three hours in the chair. Even better, she can now use what she learned in any situation.’

‘Whether you need a check-up, smile design makeover or teeth straightening, the focus of everyone at Pure Smiles is on the patient,’ emphasises Shiraz. ‘Our aim is twofold: to achieve results that will last for years and to make the experience of visiting us as stress-free as possible.’

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