London Architects: Chartered Practice Architects – A Design For Life

London Architects: Chartered Practice Architects – A Design For Life

Matt Hedges

Creating bespoke spaces that strike the perfect balance between family and work

The world of work has changed dramatically as a consequence of Covid-19. Many commuters have discovered the benefits of being based at home; who wouldn’t prefer a purpose-built garden office or custom-designed interior space to a packed tube?

That’s been the recent experience of Matt Hedges and Warren Hagues of Chartered Practice Architects (CPA). ‘During lockdown we’ve definitely received more enquiries about tailor-made domestic work spaces,’ confirms Matt. ‘Achieving an efficient, bespoke solution for each client is usually a matter of priorities and fine detail – and that’s why the brief is crucial.

We find out exactly how the space will be used and then come up with ideas that minimise distraction and are conducive to being productive and ergonomically comfortable and healthy. That means taking into account factors such as lighting, acoustics, storage, finishes and power outlet positions.

‘Also, psychologically, a sense of physical separation is so important, even if it’s closing a loft door, using a temporary room divider or walking down the garden; we designed a basement studio and each morning the client would leave by the front door and use the outside stairs to get there.’

CPA was founded in 1992, Matt joined in 1999 and Warren in 2004, and the two have been co-directors since 2012. When it comes to Hammersmith and Fulham’s housing stock, they are specialists; both are used to negotiating the complexities of the local planning process and are familiar with the issues that regularly arise and how to solve them.

‘As architects, we look at every project, whether a complete rebuild or an extension, from multiple points of view: design including the structural technicalities, light issues, usability, construction, the locality and the quality of space,’ explains Matt. ‘Our designs are never one size fits all. We don’t simply pick from a limited repertoire of options; we provide flexible, individual plans that tick all the boxes and, of course, meet the budget.’

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