Metropolitan Safe Deposits – Maximum Security… Affordable Prices

Metropolitan Safe Deposits – Maximum Security… Affordable Prices

Christopher Barrow

Vaults that deliver service, convenience and total peace of mind

‘Some years ago, while he was doing due diligence on the business, the Chairman of a City private equity institution looked around one of our vaults and suggested that we make it more like a private bank,’ recalls Christopher Barrow, Chief Executive of Metropolitan Safe Deposits.

‘My response was two-fold: yes, if that meant giving an immediate positive impression with a building that was smart, professional and secure; but no, if it meant creating an environment that seemed designed solely for the ultra-wealthy. As it is, we’re well aware that there’s a sense of mystery about the service we provide – after all, most people only come across security vaults in heist films – and how we operate.

‘Our fundamental philosophy is to make the process of renting a safe deposit box as simple and affordable as possible for everyone. That’s why we offer 12 sizes of box at the Chiswick vault with the smallest, which is perfect for jewellery, documents and precious keepsakes, costing
£99 p.a. and that includes £10,000 insurance and there are no extra access charges.’

Designed and built by the industry-leading manufacturer and opened in 2019, the High Road vault combines multi-layered alarm and surveillance systems with proven physical protection. The premises has 24/7 perimeter and interior CCTV, three integrated alarm systems and client access is controlled by computer-verified ID and biometric fingerprint procedures. In addition, all the safe deposit boxes are individually alarmed and only a given number can ever be open at any one time.

’In the UK, we’re still less accustomed to using what Americans call a Bank Box,’ adds Christopher. ‘That is changing with the major banks now having largely left the safe custody market; however, it’s why we always encourage people to arrange an appointment to see us. Then, one of our friendly team will explain how we work and the options that are available.’

Metropolitan Safe Deposits
329 Chiswick High Road,
Chiswick W4 4HS

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