Metropolitan Safe Deposits: Proven Physical And Electronic Security

Metropolitan Safe Deposits: Proven Physical And Electronic Security

Christopher Barrow

‘An effective security system should combine multiple layers of tried and tested physical elements with electronic technology,’ says Christopher Barrow, Chief Executive of Metropolitan Safe Deposits. ‘That’s why, in planning our Chiswick vault, we embraced the traditional and the cutting-edge. The result is we know who, what, when and where at all times.’

Metropolitan’s security network begins with 24/7 perimeter and interior CCTV (except for private cubicles in the vaults) and that is also monitored by the company’s sister premises in St John’s Wood and Knightsbridge.

‘We have three integrated alarm systems and access to the vaults is controlled by computer-verified ID and fingerprint procedures,’ explains Christopher. ‘Every client registers using an encrypted touch card – no guests are allowed – and their identity is confirmed by an electronic finger reader. Also, a photograph appears on screen, so we have an immediate visual ID.’

Once all the checks are completed, the “secure area” is entered through two bullet-resistant airlock doors, which have mechanical and electronic locks, and clients make their way to the pre-fabricated vaults.

‘The days of being escorted are long gone,’ adds Christopher. ‘Rather, a signal is sent to the specific box and that releases the electronic lock and de-activates the individual alarm. The box is opened with a physical key (we issue two to each client). Our staff know when a box is opened and closed and they are alerted if more than a given number are open at one time.

‘For the customer, the experience is designed to be as simple as possible and, of course, our friendly team is available to help. To my knowledge, our type of vault has never been breached and, at a time when the major High Street banks have exited the safe custody market, we provide a secure, flexible service.’

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