Metropolitan Safe Deposits: World-Class Security

Metropolitan Safe Deposits: World-Class Security

Christopher Barrow

A business built on trust and new technology

Inevitably, frustration about rising crime levels has been a “hot” issue during the election campaign. Given that obvious concern, it is all the more curious that in recent years UK banks have exited the safe custody market that once provided secure storage for treasured personal possessions.

‘There’s no doubt that public demand is as strong as ever,’ confirms Christopher Barrow, Chief Executive of Metropolitan Safe Deposits. ‘However, the banks always regarded their safe deposit box services as an “add-on”, so dispensing with them was a simple and immediate cost-cutting strategy. Now no major bank operates in the sector on the High Street.’

Founded over 40 years ago, and with long-established independent vaults in St John’s Wood and Knightsbridge, Metropolitan Safe Deposits was perfectly placed to step into the vacuum. The company’s Chiswick High Road vault was designed and built from scratchby the industry’s leading manufacturer and it combines the latest integrated alarm and surveillance systems and proven physical protection. Having opened in 2019, the business has grown rapidly, based to a significant extent on word-of-mouth recommendation.

Of course, there were hurdles to clear. ‘Even friends still ask me: is it very expensive and is the whole process complicated – to which the answer is no on both counts,’ smiles Christopher. ‘Affordability is fundamental to our business. We offer 12 box sizes and the three smallest, which cost £99, £160 and £190 p.a. including £10,000 insurance, are ideal for storing precious keepsakes and jewellery (the largest box is £1910 p.a.).

‘Convenience is equally important. Once the straightforward reservation process and security requirements have been completed, clients are welcome to come and go as they wish – we are open seven days a week.

‘To my knowledge, this type of vault has never been breached. If you would like to know more, just arrange an appointment and one of our professional team will explain the flexible options available.’

Metropolitan Safe Deposits
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Photograph: #annabelmoellerphotography