Nick Ferran @ Shoulder & Elbow London: Eyes Wide Open

Nick Ferran @ Shoulder & Elbow London: Eyes Wide Open

Nick Ferran

Shoulder and elbow consultant Nick Ferran recommends regional anaesthesia as an option for upper limb surgery

‘Many patients are a little nervous – that’s only natural. However, once I’ve reassured them that they won’t feel pain and explained the benefits of remaining conscious, any anxiety is usually allayed.’

Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon Nick Ferran practises at HCA Chelsea Outpatients Centre. He is passionate about awake surgery. ‘It’s common for hips and knees,’ Nick continues. ‘But, with advances in regional anaesthesia, patients requiring most upper limb surgery can now benefit too.

‘First and foremost, it must be appropriate for the operation and the patient’s condition.

If those criteria are met, the advantages are clear. Staying awake means avoiding the risks of a general anaesthetic – they are rare but significant – as well as common side effects such as nausea and vomiting. Of course, patients also recover faster and leave hospital much quicker. If needed we can use sedation, so patients who are apprehensive don’t know what’s going on, but still aren’t exposed to a general anaesthetic.’

Born in Trinidad, Nick attended Medical School at the University of the West Indies and is an NHS Consultant at Northwick Park Hospital. ‘I wanted to be a doctor from a young age. When I was training, my first registrar post was with a shoulder surgeon. I found it to be a fascinating discipline, and it’s one that is evolving.’

All minor procedures, such as injections, are carried out at HCA Chelsea Outpatients Centre and surgery is done at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea, where Nick works with two specialist anaesthetists. ‘When the evidence suggests conservative management using physiotherapy and injections will achieve results, I always try that route.

‘If surgery is the best option, the patient can, of course, choose to have a general anaesthetic. But most accept my recommendation of regional anaesthesia. In fact, the majority actually enjoy the experience of being able to follow the procedure on screen and ask me questions.’

Nick Ferran’s specialities:
* Clavicle, elbow, shoulder and wrist fractures and degenerative conditions
* Tennis Elbow
* Carpal Tunnel surgery
* Rotator cuff tears
• Frozen shoulder
• Shoulder arthritis
• Sports injuries
* Ulna Nerve compression
* Elbow tendinitis

Nick Ferran @ Shoulder & Elbow London
Chelsea Outpatient Centre
280 Kings Road,
Chelsea, SW3 5AW

HCA Chiswick Outpatients & Diagnostics
347-352 Chiswick High Road,
Chiswick W4 4HS

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