Riff Raff Rubbish: The Gentlemen Waste Removers

Riff Raff Rubbish: The Gentlemen Waste Removers

Stephen and Brad

Making rubbish removal stress-free and sustainable for the planet

When Brad Cahoon promises that Riff Raff Rubbish delivers a convenient, 24/7 waste collection and recycling service, he means it. ’I’m perfectly happy to go out to a job at midnight, sometimes that suits our clients best,’ he explains. ‘Also, unlike the Council which only collects from the kerbside at set hours, we come in and remove the fridge, TV, mattress…’

Brad and Stephen Bohan, who has over 25 years’ experience in the waste business, established their Riff Raff partnership during lockdown. The company offers a one-stop solution for residential and commercial rubbish removal and recycling, including furniture, white goods, carpets, sofas, paper and plastic, building and DIY materials and gardening waste (including Christmas trees).

Brad and Stephen take sustainability seriously. ‘We’re Environment Agency licensed and 96% of the waste we collect is recycled – it doesn’t go to landfill,’ adds Stephen. ‘And when it comes to hazardous waste, such as paints and pesticides, we always try to be accommodating: it’s a case of seeing which approved options are available.’

The Riff Raff team provides two rather more unusual ‘niche’ services. ‘Many people forget about the “stuff” in their storage units,’ says Brad. ‘We will help clear them entirely or move items to a smaller unit – and the client doesn’t even have to be there. Also, we have recently started site clean-ups for film and TV productions: we collect all the rubbish during the early hours and we’re happy to travel outside London for those jobs.

‘We prefer clients to send in photos of the items they want collected and that enables us to price accurately, whether that’s individually or by the load. Stephen and I are dedicated to making the world a cleaner, greener place, one load of rubbish at a time!’ During December Riff Raff Rubbish is offering a 10% discount on the web prices of all jobs.

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