F45 Chiswick Park: Fitness Training That Gets Results

F45 Chiswick Park: Fitness Training That Gets Results

‘The most friendly and fun place to go for a work-out. The training team genuinely care and make you feel great about yourself.’ – Hannah Morris

Whether or not you are used to working out in a studio, joining a new fitness class can seem a daunting prospect. ‘That’s why we have a special trial offer for potential members,’ says Emma Hope, Studio Manager at F45 Chiswick Park. ‘They can take seven sessions over 14 days for just £20 and, in that time, meet the coaches and get a feel of what F45 is about.’


The F45 concept originated in Australia in 2011, since when it has become a global phenomenon. ‘The F stands for functional and 45 minutes is the duration of each class,’ explains Milen Milushev, the Head Coach at Chiswick Park, which is next to the Lightbox Building on Power Road.


‘The beauty of the F45 approach is that it delivers all the benefits of one-to-one training within a group setting. That is made possible by having two coaches present during every session: they can focus on each individual – whatever their age or fitness level – and adapt the session to their abilities and goals.’

F45’s weekly schedule is divided into cardio, resistance and hybrid (a mix of the two) classes. ‘Of course, members can choose which they attend,’ says Emma. ‘However, we encourage them to at least try both disciplines because it benefits overall conditioning.’

Alongside the regular timetable, the team also organises the F45 Challenge, an intensive six or seven-week programme for those with set weight loss objectives. All Challenge participants receive nutritional and lifestyle advice and their progress is monitored closely by the coaches.

F45 also stands out from other studios in not having mirrors around the large, open-plan space. ‘That’s deliberate, they are too distracting,’ smiles Milen. With a range of flexible membership options, F45 is a proven concept that fits easily into a daily routine and provides an effective full-body work-out in a friendly, motivating community environment.

F45 Chiswick Park
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Photographs: #doris_heinrich_photography