Whitehall Construction: Building Excellence

Whitehall Construction: Building Excellence

Sophie May

Whitehall Construction has the expertise to take any project from design to completion

Sophie and Daniel May recently completed a rebuilding project on their new home. When they moved in, she was pregnant – the couple already had two young children – and their key priority was to finish before the birth. Here Sophie recalls the experience of working with Jason Wilkinson of West London company, Whitehall Construction.

‘It was a major undertaking as nothing had been done to the property for 30 years. We wanted a kitchen extension, a side return, a basement utility room and an extra loft bedroom. Since the decor was dated, it also made sense to redecorate the whole house in one go. In the end, no room was left untouched.

Given that Daniel and I were working full-time, micro-managing was out of the question. So, it was essential that we could trust Jason to use his own initiative. That’s where I really appreciated the communications process. He was on our wavelength, always available and very hands-on. The site team was equally accommodating. To start with we lived in the house and they were friendly and caused minimum fuss.

‘Jason also proved particularly helpful with practical design decisions and ensured there were no nasty surprises for us. One potential problem arose with the basement. When we dug down to achieve a good head height, the Structural Engineer pointed out that underpinning was required. We hadn’t expected that. Jason just got on with it and absorbed the costs. I’m sure other issues arose, but he found solutions without ever making it a problem.

‘The job took six months and, amazingly, it was finished two weeks early and on budget. I can’t recommend Whitehall Construction highly enough.’

Jason Wilkinson – Whitehall Construction

Whitehall Construction

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