Whitehall Construction – The Master Builder

Whitehall Construction – The Master Builder

Jason Wilkinson

‘The on-site team reflected Jason’s high standards. They were friendly, on time and their workmanship was exceptional.’ – Victoria Brock

Over the last 10 years, Jason Wilkinson of Whitehall Construction has successfully undertaken many projects – house renovations, loft conversions, kitchen extensions and side returns – in Chiswick. Here Jason answers some questions about the business, his approach and the service provided by the team.

Q: What inspired you to establish Whitehall Construction?
A: After school, I took a bricklaying apprenticeship and worked my way up in the trade, becoming foreman for Carillion and McAlpine. Having gained so much industry experience, I believed that I had the skills and values to launch my own independent company.

Q: What happens after a client hires Whitehall Construction?
A: We provide a full programme of works. This allows the client to see every stage and the timeframe involved, and it also highlights those points when their cooperation is required to progress the job.

Q: What valuable lessons have you learned?
A: Everybody makes mistakes, me included! You have to learn from them and rectify issues as fast as possible. Also, I used to micro-manage. I now delegate and trust my team to work independently and deliver results.

Q: How do you accommodate other opinions?
A: I’m never too proud to listen. It’s about getting the work done to the highest standard, no matter whose idea works best!

Q: How do you manage projects with limited resources and budget?
A: I’d like to think that 30+ years’ in the industry helps me to identify and prioritise the key elements of every project and come up with creative, practical solutions.

Q: How do you secure your work?
A: Word-of-mouth referral is essential. We also liaise closely with architects: they know what we can do and often recommend us.

Q: How would you sum up your philosophy?
A: I’m committed to keeping clients happy and finishing on time. If that means working extra hours, we do that. Also, it’s so important to keep lines of communication open and be available to answer questions.

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