WholeLife Clinics: Taking the Whole View

WholeLife Clinics: Taking the Whole View

Gayle and Nicola

The WholeLife Clinic’s experienced team provides patients with integrated health, fitness and wellness treatments

‘We don’t simply focus on one sign or symptom,’ says Professor Nicola Maffulli. ‘We take the time to look at each patient as a whole. Only then do we put forward the optimal solutions to both the immediate problem and any underlying root causes.’

Nicola is one of the UK’s leading Orthopaedic and Sports Injury surgeons (he was responsible for organising Surgical Services at the London Olympics). He and his wife Gayle, a Trauma Nurse who was the lead practitioner at a Harley Street practice, recently opened a new branch of WholeLife Clinics. Based at Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio on the High Road, they lead a multi-disciplinary team that delivers medical and aesthetic treatments in a safe, friendly environment.

‘As well as an all-encompassing approach, we also put great emphasis on making a precise diagnosis at the first, free consultation,’ says Gayle. ‘In urology and gynaecology cases, we also refer our patients to a specialist (that appointment is paid-for).’

Both Nicola and Gayle have a long-standing interest in shockwave therapy. ‘Shockwaves are sound waves which, when applied to body tissues, initiate a healing response by regenerating blood vessels and nerve cells,’ explains Gayle. ‘It’s a painless, non-invasive and effective process. We use it extensively for musculoskeletal and soft tissue conditions, such as tendonitis, hip and Achilles pain and plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, diabetic ulcers, erectile dysfunction and pelvic and lower back pain.’

Surgery is only a last resort. ‘I’m a conservative surgeon,’ smiles Nicola. ‘I prefer to see if an alternative approach – for example, physiotherapy, shockwave therapy or making a significant lifestyle change – will work just as well.’

The WholeLife Clinic also offers a range of aesthetic procedures (no initial consultation is necessary). These include non-surgical face lifting and contouring using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology and clinicallytested treatments to combat cellulite, excessive fat around the abdomen and loose skin.

‘We never forget the patient,’ says Gayle. ‘We’re very careful when we assess our patients and we provide a full aftercare package. We want everyone to get better and feel valued.’

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