Capsule Wardrobe Collection: Style Counsel

Capsule Wardrobe Collection: Style Counsel

Caroline Wolf

Look chic and feel confident all day every day

‘Business women usually come to me for one of three reasons. Firstly, they don’t have the time or inclination to go shopping; secondly, they can’t find anything they like and buy items that just live in the wardrobe; and, finally, they don’t know what suits them and their lifestyle.’

For nearly 20 years Caroline Wolf, owner of Capsule Wardrobe Collection, has been providing discreet styling guidance to busy professional women. ‘Many struggle to achieve a fashionable signature look that works in every business environment. That’s where I come in. Using my experience, I can put together an individual online capsule wardrobe that will present their desired image from breakfast meeting to after-work dinner.’

Caroline’s styling credentials are impeccable. After specialising in global fashion brands at Saatchi & Saatchi, she became Group Head of Advertising and Marketing at Dickins & Jones (Harrods) Ltd – her remit included visual merchandising and personal shopping – and then ran an international coaching and image consultancy for 15 years before launching Capsule Wardrobe Collection in 2014.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of garments that can be combined to make a variety of outfits. ‘I meet new clients for a coffee and find out exactly what they want,’ explains Caroline. ‘I get to know them and their lifestyle and I follow up with a detailed questionnaire. Then, with my in-depth knowledge of High Street labels, small boutiques and designers, I create their capsule wardrobe. That is presented as a digital Lookbook; it has direct links to purchase the pieces, which are all available in the client’s size and in the recommended colours.’

Caroline also offers a wardrobe edit service – she visits the client at home to identify what’s right, what’s wrong and what could be better – and a personal shopping service (she has her own studio and access to styling suites in stores). ‘The simplicity of an online capsule wardrobe is perfect for women for whom time is precious,’ she says. ‘Just by consulting their Lookbook, they’ll find choosing what to wear becomes an easy one-minute decision.’

Capsule Wardrobe Collection
Caroline Wolf Capsule Wardrobe Collection
Capsule Wardrobe Collection

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