F45 Chiswick Park: Fitness Training That Gets Results

F45 Chiswick Park: Fitness Training That Gets Results

Jonny and Kyle (Head Trainer)

F45 Training has pioneered an exciting new way of working out. Find out why it has been so successful worldwide…

‘Whatever your core fitness or previous experience, we realise that going somewhere new to train can sometimes be intimidating,’ says Jonny Sasati.

Jonny owns the new F45 Chiswick Park Studio next to the Lightbox building in Power Road (the grand opening is 8 June). ‘Also, we never assume a familiarity with the jargon, classes and equipment. We want people to come and meet us, ask questions and get the feel of what we’re all about.’

F45 Training was launched in Australia in 2011, since when it has become a global word-of-mouth fitness phenomenon. ‘The F is for functional training and 45 minutes is the duration of each class,’ explains Jonny. ‘We’re not here to create super-athletes: F45 provides a highly efficient full-body workout that fits into a daily routine and happens in a motivating team environment.

‘The weekly schedule is split into a mix of cardio and resistance work. Classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, with everyone pushing to reach their own level. The content is arranged by our trainers (there are always two present) from a huge database of exercises designed by the Athletics team at F45 HQ; this means that members never take the same class twice and the process doesn’t become routine. Everyone is treated as an individual, but they’re also part of a supportive group.’

From July Jonny’s team will be participating in the F45 Challenge. This intensive eight-week programme helps members achieve specific goals; alongside regular classes, they also receive nutritional and lifestyle advice and there’s a points system to check progress.

F45 Chiswick Park is situated in a large, open-plan space with, unusually, no mirrors. ‘That’s deliberate, they are distracting,’ smiles Jonny. ‘I’ve seen myself working out and it’s not pretty.’ With flexible unlimited training membership options – you can take three classes a day or one class once a week and the price doesn’t change – F45 Training is a concept that gets results.

F45 Chiswick Park
The Lightbox,
111 Power Road, Chiswick W4 5PY


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