HYPOXI-Studio Chiswick: Reclaim Your Body Shape

HYPOXI-Studio Chiswick: Reclaim Your Body Shape

Dorota Zelazny

When exercise and dieting aren’t shifting those inches, HYPOXI is a proven solution

Five years ago Dorota Zelazny booked a HYPOXI bodyshaping course. It was a life-changing moment. ‘The results were so amazing that I decided to become a HYPOXI partner,’ she recalls. ‘I was working as a Prison Officer at Wormwood Scrubs, so I took all the overtime I could to save up to invest in the technology.’

Over the last three years Dorota’s business has expanded to the point where relocating to a much larger, dedicated space has became a priority. Hence, she soon hopes to be moving to a new studio on the High Road (check www.hypoxichiswick.co.uk for more details).

‘I’m so pleased that I will be staying in the same area. It’s very exciting: I’ll have double the number of machines and I’ll also be launching additional health and beauty treatments.’

HYPOXI is founded on the principle that fat and cellulite (usually around the stomach, hip, buttocks and thighs) is more efficiently eliminated when there is a strong blood flow in
the problem part of the body. So, HYPOXI targets ‘lumps and bumps’ by using alternating high and low pressure to significantly boost circulation.

Each session lasts an hour. The first part is a lymphatic massage, which enhances skin tone and reduces cellulite.

Then comes 30 minutes of gentle exercise – the emphasis is on gentle – on a bike or treadmill in a pressure chamber. This process uses the blood to transport the fatty acids to the muscles, where they can be burned away more effectively.

The treatments are suitable for all levels of fitness and Dorota devises individual programmes for each client. ‘As well weight loss, I’ve found that HYPOXI can help with issues such as fluid retention, lipoedema, fibromyalgia.

‘To achieve the best results, a degree of commitment is required and I recommend taking three HYPOXi sessions a week for at least a month.’ And, if you need evidence of just what HYPOXI can do, just ask Dorota to show you her own ‘before and after’ photographs!

HYPOXI-Studio Chiswick
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