London Pilates: Movement for Life – Look and Move Better

London Pilates: Movement for Life – Look and Move Better

Susan Harker

Improve your core strength, posture and flexibility

Susan Harker is a specialist in corrective exercise and Pilates. Whether remedying niggling aches and pains or treating long-term injuries, Susan tailors her training programmes to individual needs. Here she recalls working with Allison.

‘Allison was suffering with back and hip pain and felt that she lacked strength. To begin, we used Pilates exercises and movement patterns to strengthen and tone her stomach, so improving posture and spinal alignment. As her core became more stable, so there was less stress on her joints and limbs. Next, we focused on her gluts – they provide the back and pelvis with essential support – using specific isolated exercises to fire them up.

‘I’ve been seeing Allison regularly for three months and the improvement has been dramatic. Having found and activated her gluts, we’re now concentrating on functional exercises that relate to her daily life. Allison is more body aware, the back pain and hip soreness has gone and her core strength enables a far better posture. The right muscles are finally doing the right job!’


Movement for Life
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