F45 Training Ravenscourt Park: Body Talk

F45 Training Ravenscourt Park: Body Talk

Jocette and Sam

F45 Training is offering a free body composition test and training session

‘We want to get people moving,’ smiles Jocette Coote, who owns F45 Training Ravenscourt Park with her husband, the ex-Scotland Rugby Union international Andrew Mower. ‘Many of us – me included! – have developed bad habits during lockdown. It’s time to focus on fitness and respiratory health, so we’re offering a free body composition assessment and introductory training session (until 9 September).’

Non-members are welcome to book an appointment with Manager Sam Palmer and, using state-of-the-art machinery, she will analyse relative percentages of body fat and muscle mass (the process takes five minutes). Armed with that information, the F45 team can then devise an individual training regime (including expert nutritional advice) that will achieve specific core fitness goals.

Founded in Australia, F45 Training is a global phenomenon. ’The F stands for functional training and each class lasts 45 minutes,’ explains Jocette. ‘The weekly schedule is split into three types of class – resistance (weight training), cardio and a hybrid of the two – and they are suitable for all fitness levels It’s possible to burn up to 900 calories in one cardio class. The evidence suggests that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) followed by a rest period results in more calorie burn over time than a full speed 5K run.

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‘We also organise a regular 45-day intensive Challenge promoting weight loss and body shaping (the next is from 16 August-29 September) during which progress and accountability is monitored by our coaches.’

With pay-as-you-go and flexible membership options and a two-week unlimited training trial for £39, F45 Training delivers an effective full-body workout in a supportive atmosphere – it will help you bounce back from lockdown inertia!

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