F45 Ravenscourt Park: We Are Committed To Your Physical And Mental Health

F45 Ravenscourt Park: We Are Committed To Your Physical And Mental Health

Following on from the most recent announcement from the government, we are currently working on how best we can support you through this period

We are fully committed to you and your health and fitness, both physically and mentally especially during these unprecedented days.

Whilst the recent announcement may have come as a massive blow to many of us, we too, as a small business are trying to navigate through these uncertain times.

From an operational side, we have already taken that first step in ensuring that we continue to deliver the service that you come to us for, even if that cannot be within the studio. We will work together and support each other through this to come back stronger.


We ask to PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH US DURING THESE TIMES, we are doing our best to get back to everyone, but have to deal with each member on a case by case basis.

For the upcoming 28-day circuit-break lockdown commencing Thursday 5th Nov we are asking for your support and goodwill.

By keeping your memberships going, you will be making a monumental contribution to the support of staff and contractors, through the challenging month ahead, alongside ensuring we are able to get the studio up and running again at full capacity come 2nd Dec, whereby without this support, we may not.

We know this may be a lot to ask, your efforts and support to get the studio back to where it is today, is why we survived the first national lockdown and the community you have built is nothing short of remarkable. We hope that you can support our decision and see us through the next month ahead, so that we will return stronger than ever!

In addition to the crucial role your goodwill will play in the survival of the studios, we will continue to offer you access to our LIVE-ZOOM sessions together with many additional support services.

Just as we squatted and burpeed in our bedrooms before via F45 Zoom At Home workouts, we will come together again. It is our community that really makes F45 stand apart. And that extends far beyond the four walls of a studio. 💪

What we have planned for you all:

  • Live Interactive Zoom classes
  • Group chat forums with our Trainers and community, using Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • 24 hour a day live streaming workouts
  • Classes with equipment offered
  • Classes without equipment offered
  • Strength and Conditioning specific programs
  • Full access to our private FB groups, where you will receive all the tips, tricks and latest fitness hacks
  • Full access to our new F45 Training app
  • Full access to our Nutrition Portal
  • Access to our accountability coach
  • Opportunity to upgrade to a one-on-one personal training programme and individualised nutritional support
  • Most of all the opportunity to still mix with your fellow F45 buddies
  • We look forward to keeping you on track over the next 4 weeks and having you back in the studio really soon!

For those that may have been adversely affected by this most recent announcement and are in need of more support or options from us, we ask that you reach out to your studio via email. We hope that the above is suitable for all of you but we understand that it may not be the case for some.

Please click and join our private members only Facebook community, using the below link;


Members – Check your emails over the next few days, as we’ll be getting back to you and letting you know how we will support you over the next 28 days.

Until then, lets enjoy our last few days in the studio together

F45 Ravenscourt Park
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Hammersmith W6 0QU
(entrance on Galena Road)
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